On Development


This article has the top 8 programming languages as of the end of September this year. While I’m sure some of that is based on opinion, it’s likely that a lot of it is industry demands. Of course it’s pretty obvious that Java would be ranking high, but SQL kind of surprises me that it’s the top language. However, SQL can be used for a lot of things and embedded in PHP and JavaScript, so that’s pretty important to know. JavaScript being 3rd does actually make sense as web is getting so much more advanced very quickly. C# though, that’s definitely something to keep sights on if it’s getting bigger, especially if C itself is the gateway to objective C- iOS developer heaven. To further look at iOS, Swift is on the list as well as Apple seems to be staying strong. All in all, I think learning at least most of these would be a good investment.

This article isn’t super old, and it covers programming tips that should carry forth into the future. Plus, they’re nerdy enough to reference Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. If you’re referring to anything Douglas Adams-related, you’re probably steeped in out-of-the-box logic. To depart from nerdiness, the article outlines some definitely useful tips. I noticed that it mentions not being afraid to break things, and I find that interesting as that’s my natural way of doing things. Heck, I keep files and folders on my computer called “sandbox” for the very purpose of dissecting code and pasting it around into a Frankenstein’s monster of hands-on tested code. If I can work on some of the other tips a little more (oops) I can definitely see myself improving as a developer.

This is a somewhat recent-ish article outlining more tips. It does say that a programmer should work on one language before diving into others, but I feel that as with typography there are rules that can be broken under some exceptions. For example, combining HTML with CSS can be done well before the article’s ballpark estimate of 2 years for a language before moving on. Heck, you really wouldn’t need 2 entire years of those two before adding some JavaScript. In this day and age, rapid learning might move you along faster. However, they say to keep code clean and to love what you do. This does boil down to enjoying problem solving and puzzles. I got into development because I love the coding side of web development and solving problems. Logic puzzles are one of my favorite things, and eventually development just turns out to be a huge logic puzzle that just has tools that are out of the ordinary.


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