On Social Media and… how it ties in to customer relations.


This article shows why you don’t want to use automatic tweets for replies as part of a social media team. When replying to any potential consumers, it’s not wise to let an automated reply repeat itself- it’s better to respond to things with a genuine (but tactful) response. So when the public’s concern is one of life and death? Definitely a terrible idea to let the automated responses pile up. This gives the impression that the company doesn’t care at all for its customers. While a single tweet with the message given would have been appropriate as an official statement, using it to automatically reply to any customer or Twitter user that directly tweeted the company was a clear mistake. Progressive could have used the original message once as an official statement, and then replied to a few of the concerned messages separately and with tact. That would have reflected far better on their part and perhaps improved customer relations instead of being detrimental.


This article gives examples of what to learn from social media mishaps. It explains that Applebee’s handled a social media backfire terribly and lost customer trust because of it. It goes on to explain that while Kitchenaid had an incredibly rude tweet get sent to its company account instead of the social media manager’s personal account, the company was able to pick up the pieces thanks to an apology from the company explaining that the person responsible would no longer be using the company’s Twitter account.  Using knowledge about other social media problems that companies may have, even if a tweet making fun of someone having a death in the family was put onto a personal account, the person posting it may have consequences. In short, be careful what gets sent out- and be careful how you handle things that do make it out.


This article shows not only good social media marketing campaigns, it gives examples of how to create your own successful campaign. Giving examples that point towards humor shows that humor is a driving force behind things “going viral”. When thinking about the last social media marketing breakthrough, most campaigns that come to mind are going to be witty, funny, or downright hilarious. The remainder is going to be filled with touching or inspiring campaigns, such as the mentioned Starbucks campaign on Twitter that dealt with giving other people free coffee.  This shows that social media marketing relies heavily on an emotional approach of some kind. Giving people a way to give others something simple, or making a point with sarcastic use of hashtags can echo throughout social media. And the more shares, likes, retweets and more means more people talking about your brand.


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