Takeaways from Friday: 9/25


While looking through an article on different parts of an online marketing plan, I found a section saying that an “editorial calendar” would be a good thing to include. Since I did not know what this is, I clicked the link and read about it. An editorial calendar is a basic timeline of what to write about and when to write it. As far as social media marketing goes, this could be a huge asset. Why? If a company’s social media department has a job to do but no idea what to write about, there could be a lag in productivity.

The concept of an editorial calendar could easily be adapted for any form of social media marketing. It could be used to keep track of Facebook coupons, as well as other promotions. In fact, the article does say to make a list of the top ten questions clients are asking. This would be a good way to listen to the consumers and address these concerns.


Forbes.com has a good resource on what having a mission statement means and how to go about composing one. The article starts off by encouraging the reader to dig deeper into what it is their business is about. For example web design company may provide websites. Digging deeper would be that the company creates solutions for effective communication. However, that’s not the only piece of a mission statement. A mission statement should be concise but clear. Simple without being watered down. “Creating effective communication solutions” would be a good place to start. An emotional connection is the last piece that needs writing. With an emotional, passion-driven component, your company and consumers will be able to feel the mission statement and with it, the business. “Creating effective communication solutions for a world that’s moving forward” would encompass the main points. However, there is one more thing: to live and act on that mission statement. The company should take that mission statement and put it into everything they do. After all, how is the mass public going to catch on and believe in something the company as a whole doesn’t?


This article shows where digital marketing fits into a marketing plan. With this, I can make conclusions about how an IT professional would be able to contribute to a marketing plan. The article outlines that digital marketing can be made to personalize the ads and promotions to better fit consumers’ needs.

So where do IT professionals come in when a marketing plan is being put together? Well, where do the IT “nerds” fit in in Integrated Web Concepts? The digital world has been expanding for around four decades, and especially in the last one. So far, in class discussions, the IT part has been how the field ties into marketing- SEO, social media marketing, and CRM software solutions. A marketing plan could include all of these things, and an IT professional who can explain details in “plain English” when asked would be a huge asset when putting together a proper marketing plan.


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