Customer Relationship Management – How and why, as well as how NOT.

This video shows both bad and good examples of Customer Relationship Management. The first example would likely not get many return customers. The first example’s company would be building a negative brand. What people would think of that company and what they would feel about it would be that they’re cold and unwelcoming. The company in the first example would be seen as trying to rush consumers in and out and not giving one thought about anything besides income.

The second example would be a company that has built their brand on good customer service and has a good handle on CRM. They will likely see far more customers, as the customers will feel welcomed and cared about. Instead of being sent out the door by a rude representative, they are given information to make an educated decision about the service, and are able to ask questions. The questions are met with enough details to know how to make a decision.

This article is similar to the first example, but with the perspective of social media marketing. The first example in this article is a good one. A dentist in France had a plan to send out texts to patients about upcoming appointments. This would be possible thanks to a patient database with contact information. Sending out texts based on such a database would not necessarily be difficult, as there are programs that will send out texts automatically with different messages based on other factors.

However, the second example, which is a cosmetics company that markets internationally, the emails are a mass advertisement that might have a coupon. There is nothing personal about these messages. I’ve actually seen similar ones that my mom gets, and a lot of them focus on one type of cosmetic per ad, and often it’s anti-aging cream. Now they may have figured out that their target market could be looking for that, but their consumer base may have other needs beyond just getting what amounts to a generalized magazine ad in their email inbox.  A CRM software may be used- for example, having consumers who get emails fill in a survey could help sort the possible emails into a few categories, and the copy could be written to be a bit more personal in these emails.

This video shows a few different ways to communicate with angry consumers over the phone (or possibly email) without the situation escalating. This would be a huge part of CRM, as an angry customer is already developing a negative opinion about your business. Defusing the situation is important, as the problem can then be solved properly. It’s also possible that the customer will change their mind about your company. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful, especially if it’s because of a negative experience. Yes, an angry consumer may have spread some nasty comments about your business, but if they receive excellent customer service, they may later tell others about the customer service experience.

It’s especially important to keep the consumer’s possible social media comments when dealing with that consumer over the phone or email. If an angry reply goes to the customer, the customer is going to tell everyone that the employees handling the situation replied in an immature and childish manner- even if that consumer was behaving far worse. Business diplomacy goes so far.


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