Tips and Jobs in SEO

I wanted to know more about how Search Engine Optimization related jobs were growing and how the salaries go for such jobs. The lower infographics show where jobs are headed, average salaries, job titles, and more. It’s interesting to see that a couple of common job titles are related to marketing and/or strategy. In fact, seeing that a Director of Marketing could be in charge of Search Engine Optimization is very interesting.

Seeing the amount of job growth is very nice, but it’s not really surprising. As more companies realize that they need Google to get business, they seem to be bringing in more potential for grabbing that part of the market. While I find the coding aspect of development to be my calling, SEO would be a darn good idea.

I found an article on Forbes magazine about Google Analytics. Forbes would likely be a good source to trust when it comes to business, as they have just about everything business-related in their grasp.

Seeing their tips on Google Analytics is great. It’s good to see what business experts find useful out of such tools. They found a way to make it so that you’re not tracking yourself- though it might not work for everyone since it works by IP. But if you’re working at an SEO job in a company, that could be incredibly useful.

This last article shows facts and statistics about SEO marketing and how it’s used. It even shows stats from Bing, if anyone happened to be interested in how searching works from the most default of all search engines. It actually seems to have a similar rate of clicks to Google results. Why? Users click on the first non-sponsored result first. If that doesn’t work, they maybe go to the second one.

While the article directly mentions blogs for companies, the same thing would definitely apply for websites. And now that content management systems are common, it could start skewing the line between website and blog- especially with WordPress-powered CMS sites. These statistics would be wonderful for marketers no matter what sort of site or business they run.


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